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Speed Up Automated Parallel Testing In Selenium With TestNG

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Cross browser testing can turn out to be stressful and time consuming if performed manually. Imagine the amount of manual efforts required to test an application on multiple browsers and versions. Infact, you will be amused to believe a lot of… Continue Reading →


8 Actionable Insights To Write Better Automation Code

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As you start on with automation you may come across various approaches, techniques, framework and tools you may incorporate in your automation code. Sometimes such versatility leads to greater complexity in code than providing better flexibility or better means of… Continue Reading →

How to test your web app using JUnit in cloud?

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JUnit is an opensource unit testing tool that helps to test units of code. It is mainly used for unit testing Java project, however it can be used with Selenium Webdriver to automate testing of Web applications. To be precise… Continue Reading →

Starting Automation Testing From Scratch? Here Is What You Need To Know!

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As we are moving towards rapid development cycles and quicker deliveries to market, driven through agile methodology, performing manual testing seems time-consuming, repetitive and prone to human errors. The requirement to implement automation testing from scratch seems to fit in the business owing to its flexibility… Continue Reading →

Complete Guide For Using XPath In Selenium With Examples

Identifying element has always been the trickiest part and therefore require an accurate and correct approach. If you are unable to find elements by the easily available approaches like ID, class, name, link or tagname then XPath in Selenium can… Continue Reading →

The Rationale Behind Quality over Quantity in Software Testing

Being in the software industry as a part of quality assurance, you are always expected to carry a quality stick to ensure quality is maintained to the ‘T’. We are always asked to put ourselves into the shoes of the… Continue Reading →

Mobile Testing: The pathway to Installation, Update and Uninstallation Testing

For the ever-increasing demand for mobile apps and the rapid increment of their presence in our mobile phones for all day to day activities, the importance of mobile testing is booming in the mobile market. With a huge scope defined… Continue Reading →

Introducing Testing Processes in your Organisation

Have you ever come across the biggest challenge of setting up testing processes in your organization or you are in an organization where there is no testing process and you are in a dire need of one, but have no… Continue Reading →

The Agile Testing Challenges And their Remedies

These days it’s all about Agile. As we are moving towards faster deliveries, rapid development and expeditious changes, it’s becoming more difficult and exhaustive in maintaining quality to the required standards. Either it’s about compromising on the current situation or stretching… Continue Reading →

How do you quantify Quality? “The Testing Metrics “

In a fast-paced technology-driven environment, to maintain and achieve quality is of high significance. But how do we quantify that quality is achieved into the terms the project, the organization or the standards required? Does raising bugs across an application suffice… Continue Reading →

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